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Preparations for Clovis 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

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Remembering 9/11

Clovis residents reflect on vivid memories of the 9/11 tragedy. Laryssa Crabtre shares her experience with her children.

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A Lesson from History

Teaching 9/11 history to the next generation. Crabtre highlights the importance of passing down this significant event.

Community Involvement

American flags line the streets around the memorial park, a symbol of community unity. Organizers emphasize the year-round effort.

Community Support

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Spreading Awareness

The memorial park's journey to nonprofit status in 2019. Jim Stemler talks about raising awareness and investment.

Investing in the Memorial

Investments in the park include an interactive feature with self-guided tours. QR codes provide insight into 9/11 events.

Enhancing the Space

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Commemorating Individual Stories

QR codes at each station share the significance of memorial pieces, connecting visitors to the events of 9/11.

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Memorial Cleanup

Community Action

Community members join forces to clean and prepare the Clovis 9/11 memorial for the upcoming ceremony.

Jim Stemler stresses the importance of year-round efforts to raise awareness about the memorial in the community.

A Year-Round Effort


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As the community gathers for Mondays ceremony, the Clovis 9/11 memorial stands as a symbol of remembrance and unity.